C.U.S. Activities

In order to achieve its goals, C.U.S. implements the following activities:

Organize conferences, colloquiums, meetings, seminaries and study trips and exchange, as well as write reports, analyses, studies or publications.

Create, release and edit educational books in any form or format.

Study, develop and promote the creation of Institutions with the same educational and cultural values, in order to establish a network of private higher education institutions sharing a same European and international vision of excellence in term of education provided.

Establish and develop cooperation in term of quality assurance by both encouraging the evaluation of institutional members and their teaching program and delivering certifications and/or accreditations at the end of their program.

Establish an educational action aiming to organize and provide to C.U.S. members information and knowledge concerning the operating principles of the non-profit association, including:

Legal information concerning the rights and duties of members and decision-making bodies.

Introduction to principles of management and financial management.

Making experts in law, finance and management available through consultation, information or training sessions.

Exchange, analyses and sharing of thoughts on news topic related to mutual aid and student education.

Organization of a forum, open to everyone, without discrimination.

Organize projects and activities that contribute to achieving C.U.S. goals.

Establish the partnerships necessary to C.U.S. development.

Search for and receive the financing necessary to achieve C.U.S. goals, whether subsidies, donations, any other public or private financial investment or help in kind.

Develop and make continuous trainings available at every stage of life.

Initiate and encourage teachers and students exchange programs, including those organized by European or international institutions working in the fields of education and culture.

Foster learning, improvement and knowledge of several Community languages.

Promote an ideal of solidarity between all students within the European Union and in every country that respects similar cultures and traditions.

Create, maintain and develop an effective mutual aid spirit among young students

C.U.S. can develop any activity directly or indirectly related to its goals or that can contribute to those goals, for example launching collaboration or becoming a member of: any other associations, national or international organizations, public or private institutions, public or private specialized-training centers (such as universities, colleges, higher institutes, etc), associations of schools, teachers or former students, teachers/trainer/educator as individuals, groups and firms, associations and occupational trade unions, experts and individual consultants, whose corporate purpose or activities are closely related to C.U.S.’s. C.U.S. can sign any cooperation agreements and bi- or multilateral partnerships.